Masters Psychology Degree

Master in PsychologyThe fundamental goal of graduate studies in psychology is to gain following  professional competencies in psychology:

- With methodological training to qualify students to independently design and conduct psychological research, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs;

- Acquisition of knowledge in a particular area of applied psychology (ex: from industrial, academic or clinical psychology) and professional knowledge and skills needed to work in practice;

- Effective resolution of technical problems on the basis of professional knowledge and skills, critical and creative thinking;
- Ability of professional communication with clients as well as with members of interdisciplinary teams;
- Preparation for the continuation of scientific research and professional development;
-Ability to perform occupational tasks and solve technical problems at the necessary level of ethics.
Psychology Universities are offering two different types of master’s degree: the Master’s of Arts (M.A.) and the Master’s of Science (M.S.). Through various programs and the selection of courses , with each step taken, depending on their particular goals, students choose their future psychology careers and according to it, the title of the degree.

If MSs and MAs in Psychology choose to work in the elementary, secondary or high schools, they should acquire pedagogic competences.


Psychologists are employed in all sectors of modern society: pre-school institutions, primary schools, secondary schools, higher education, welfare, employment, health, business, law enforcement, military, commerce (marketing), state and administrative institutions (such as the economic and similar chambers, state institutes of social welfare, etc.).


In order to follow these programs students need to have previous degree as Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Bachelor of Science in Psychology.
After completing the study, depending of the chosen program the title Master of Science in Psychology or Master of Arts in Psychology is acquired.