Doctorate Psychology Degree

Psychology PhD at the officePostgraduate studies in psychology are organized as the highest level of scientific education in the field of psychology, and the program is designed as a continuing education for psychologists after completing undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology.

Postgraduate studies in psychology qualify psychologists for the most complex scientific researches and professional duties, independent scientific work, or for a rewarding academic career.
The studies are not limited to a specific field of scientific psychology, but they include various fundamental and applied areas. They cover the fundamental areas of psychology, such as:
psychological methodology, psychometric theory and quantitative methods, cognitive psychology,
neuroscience, personality psychology, social psychology, educational psychology, developmental
psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, occupational psychology and organizational psychology.

Detailed knowledge of current research in the country and the world and working together with the most prestigious scientists in the world help to make the doctoral degree in psychology highly competitive in relation to other studies.
In the implementation of the program the Universities particularly use intensive individual mentoring which is focused on the more specific area of students’ scientific interests. Seminars and essays, individual consultations, scientific circles and other forms of intensive knowledge exchange encourage students to follow the current psychology scientific literature, and to consider critical relationship towards it.
The doctoral studies indoctoral degrees in Psychology psychology enable students to participate in intensive researches, publish and expose their researches to colleagues in forms of scientific tests and on the scientific conferences, ensure introduction of doctoral students in the world of science. Particular emphasis is put on the scientific research work which is the basis of doctoral dissertations, and goes under the mentorship of professors, however with a large proportion of original independent work.

The general strategy of the doctoral program is based on the inclusion of students in
research projects headed by the professors of the studies. Doctoral students in psychology will be involved in teaching undergraduate psychology classes at Universities in order to gain experience in  transfer of knowledge in their fields of expertise.
Furthermore, the doctoral study program in psychology foresees a number of activities which are connected to the key parts of study for example the research work of doctoral students, as well as the publication of scientific papers and participation in summer schools and on specialized seminars.

After completion of these studies the student acquires the title PhD in Psychology.