Prejudice as a negative manifestations of integrative power

PrejudicePrejudice is making pre-judgment or forming an opinion about some matter which is not thoroughly or critically studied. This is usually expanded and solid stereotypical attitude which is based on unproven allegations and false authorities towards other religion members, ethnic groups, nations, etc., but also on different customs and habits. This type of forming an opinion is exact opposite of post-reasoning. Prejudice, as an object of study at psychology colleges, is defined as an attitude that makes one person prone to think, feel, perceive and act in ways favorable or unfavorable to any group or individual members of the group.

Object of prejudice were, and still are, religion, race, ethnic minorities, gender, mental and physical disabilities, etc. There are many press reports about widely spread cases of persons or groups being abused by other person or group of people. The history of mankind is full of horrific and terrifying events of mass slaughter that occurred as a result of prejudice, and what depresses most is probably the fact that prejudice is an unchanging trait of our civilized society and is likely to remain so. Continue reading