Social and Personality Psychology

Social and Personality PsychologyRepresentatives of humanistic discipline in psychology studies recently presented new and probably more acceptable explanation of man and his behavior, especially in the field of personality. This is introduced to students who learn psychology in a way that human behavior is not lead by instincts, nor is the human being reactive in the sense that its reaction can be programmed with external stimuli from the environment.   In addition students taking online Psychology classes will also learn that the man possesses specific characteristics of which most important is self-actualization, where social environment has an important role, in a way that creates conditions that allow undisturbed development and actualization of each individual.

Psychology students are introduced to the humanistic conception of man where he is idealized and perfect. This particular conception is exposed to criticism because many claims are not scientifically confirmed, however social systems that alienate man in his human manifestation are also imperfect. From this perception follows that the man, according to his wish and will, his ideas and ideals can build social systems that will enable him better development. Continue reading