Direction and Development of Behaviorism in Psychology

Learn all about behaviorism in PsychologyAt the beginning of this century, John Watson had immense impact on academic psychology, and now in the last two decades Skinner had a significant role as a passionate behaviorist. He approached to most complex behavior problems with objective methods and rigorous experiments. He applies his concepts and methods on learning how to solve practical and theoretical issues. For this reason, his influence became so great on  psychology and the related sciences.
His review of the S – R theory, in analysis of behavior where he uses the concepts stimulus and response, does not accept that identification. For this reason in particular we pay attention to his views. He rejects the approach of Hail’s theorizing over postulates and theorems, but is committed to study individual subjects or group in place of general regularities. An important and unique feature of his point of view is the study of behaviors that does not cause any stimulation, but were influenced by its outcome. Continue reading